GXPARSE: Overview

GXPARSE comprises

Early versions of GXPARSE are under GNU General Public License. later versions are under GNU Lesser General Public License. Please use one of the later versions, because the license is less restrictive.

GXPARSE is not a new parser, it is an additional layer of processing to be used over an existing event-based parser like David Megginson's SAX parser. GXPARSE maintains most of the advantages (reliability, compliance to standards, etc.) of the event-based parser and adds the advantage of much lower cost for application development and maintenance. The one disadvantage of GXPARSE is a somewhat reduced processing speed, because the API adds another layer of processing between the application and the event-based XML parser, and because GXPARSE provides enhanced services that won't be needed in some applications.

GXPARSE includes an XML parser implementation based on the SAX parser, along with examples of use. XML examples include processing documents with ID and IDREF attributes very easily in a stream-oriented way.

GXPARSE also includes a powerful pattern-matching API. The reference implementation is based on java.util.regex but is powerful enough to build simple recursive-descent parsers. The examples include recognition of nested parentheses and a simple four-function calculator.

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The implementation included with GXPARSE focuses on simplicity, programming safety, and the provision of a range of generic services, rather than on optimizations like speed of processing. Consequently, some users may wish to re-implement the API after using the included implementation to try out GXPARSE.


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