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Package ca.gorman.xml.parse.sax

Provides a Parser facade and a Listener interface for SAXParser and XMLReader.


Class Summary
NonValidatingParserFactory<T extends Global> Factory for new nonvalidating Parser instances.
SAXAdapter<T extends Parser> Bridge between SAX parser API and XML stream parser API.
SAXAdapterCheck Runs CoroutineCheckListener as a Listener on XMLParser to verify that Listener methods are invoked in the the application thread instead of the Coroutine thread.
SAXCheck Check the structure of an XML document, reporting warnings and errors and stopping at the first fatal error.
SAXDump List all of the events that XMLReader generates while parsing an XML document.
SAXDumpListener Report every event from SAXParser or XMLReader.
SAXErrorListener Report warnings, recoverable errors, and fatal errors from SAXParser or XMLReader.
ValidatingParserFactory<T extends Global> Factory for new validating Parser instances.
XMLParser<T extends Global> A Parser to support the Listener interface for parsing XML documents.

Package ca.gorman.xml.parse.sax Description

Provides a Parser facade and a Listener interface for SAXParser and XMLReader.

ValidatingParserFactory and NonValidatingParserFactory are the only classes needed in application code. They provide a Parser to deliver XML object notifications to Listener.

XMLParser can be used when the Parsers supplied by the factories do not meet application requirements, either because a different factory is wanted, or because a parser with special features is wanted.

The other classes in this package were used for development and testing. They can also be used as diagnostic tools if any problems are encountered.

Package Specification

XMLParser and the Parsers supplied by the factories are an XML push parsers that drive a Listener interface in an XML processing application.

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