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Package ca.gorman.xml.parse.util

Provides tools for application development.


Class Summary
ClassNamespaceElementMapper<T extends Parser> This class is a placeholder, not fully implemented Maps XML namespaces to Java classes and XML elements to methods in the class that corresponds the namespace of the element.
DtdUtilities Utility methods for applications that use DTDs..
DumpListener<T extends Parser> XML dump Listener, outputs a text representation of each Listener event, and shows element level by indenting lines.
ElementClassMapper<T extends Parser> In Development Maps one XML namespace to a Java package and maps XML each element in the namespace to a subclass of ElementListener in the package.
NamespacePackageMapper<T extends Parser> In Development Maps each of one or more XML namespaces to a Java package and maps XML elements in each namespace to elment handlers in the corresponding package.
PackageNamespaceElementMapper<T extends Parser> Will be deprecated or removed Maps each XML namespaces to a Java package and maps XML elements in the namespace to element handlers in the package.
PackageNamespaceElementMapper.NamespaceEntry<T extends Parser> Associates an XML namespace with a Java package and the information needed to map element names in that namespace to element handler classes in the package.
SimpleElementMapper<T extends Parser> Maps element names to Java method names and invokes the appropriate element method for each element.
SkipListener<T extends Parser> Implements skipContent by wrapping a Listener and discarding element content when the skipContent method is invoked.
XMLCheck Check the structure of an XML document, reporting warnings and errors and stopping at the first fatal error.
XMLDump List the components of an XML document, showing the parser event that presents each component to the application.

Exception Summary
PackageNamespaceElementMapper.DuplicateNamespaceException Exception thrown when attempting to load a namespace entry having the same namespace identifier as a previously loaded entry.

Package ca.gorman.xml.parse.util Description

Provides tools for application development.

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